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Before you apply the glue, first melt some wires into the crack, that will help to give the plastic some stabililty. do this from the back side where it wont show. let it cool down and then apply the glue.
Use an old soldering iron, or at least a tip you dont care about, as it is sort of hard to get the melted plastic off the tip.
I have done this for a long time repairing broken tv cabinets etc.


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Household Goop. About $4.70 a tube and worth it's weight in gold. Has a
silicone base but is not anything like RTV.

Between that, Super Glue (cyanoacrylate adhesive), epoxy or JB Weld and RTV
you can repair anything.

Out of that list Household Goop is the only thing that will be permanent on
that type of plastic. I've used it to do seemingly impossible things and it
holds with tenacity.

Other choices for some plastics could be Toluene (toluol) or a similar

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