Re: Opinions on TDS 744A

Denis Cobley <denis.cobley@...>

They are a good scope - lots of features.
Only problem is if it fails you will find it difficult to repair as they
were totally board exchange.
Once the scope is classed "Obsolete" no more exchange modules are available.
There were never any circuits published for the TDS5/6/7/800 range of scopes
and they used a number of custom parts so a "seat of the pants" repair is
also difficult.
Having said that, Teks typical failure rate is less than 2% per year so you
may never see it fail.
Life is a risk - do you want to take it ?

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Is anyone familiar with this scope? Any opinions on it? It has
been discontinued, but seems nice based on its description. There
is no substitute for experience with scopes, however!

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