Re: 2445 Short in high voltage(HELP)?

Denton, Adam (Exchange)

Also don't be afraid to use a Dremel to grind away
any carbon that you see. Of course fill up any
"hole" you leave with gobs of silicone. Before
applying the silicone, you might want to clean it
one last time with a little acetone so that the
silicone will stick well. (let the acetone dry
first of course)

Hi Allan
Give it a good clean (both the HT lead and the multiplier case), check for
arc burns/tracking (scrap clean to remove).
Once you have done that , use RTV silicone to repair/cover the weak
I have a tek-2445 scope with a high voltage problem?
The tripler on the high voltage power is shorting to
gnd where the red anode lead comes out of the
tripler.Is there any way of fixing this type of
problem with out replacing the tripler? Im thinking
about trying some silcone rubber sealant or high
voltage putty.

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