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I think the military version (TM 09045B-40/2) is different from Tek
service manual 070-6330-00. Attached is "table of contents" of
military version.
(I can't see any attachment.) In general, it *might* be very
different from the Tektronix-printed version or it might NOT be too
different at all. It depends on the manual. Many of the mil-version
manuals for Tek (and other) equipment are verbatim copies of the
commercial manuals, for the most part, often with some added
material. But, in some cases, the military felt compelled to write
the entire manual themselves.

One can not download from if
you is not contractor of DOD.
Anyone may download any manual from that site, as long as the
manual's URL contains "/A/" after the "". Regarding
the Tek 2430A manuals, the three ops/service/parts manuals for the
2430A are not publicly accessible. The fourth one, the 2430A
Calibration manual IS publicly downloadable.

See my related post, in this thread, for information about more-
effectively searching for military service/maintenance manuals.




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