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There are lot of 2430 service manuals on eBay, price is $5.00.
2430A service manual is rare, start from $100, some one ask
$250. I have looked for long time.

You might ask the eBay guy selling this military version of the
2430A about his 'Operators and Maintenance Manual', with an opening
bid of $10. The Tek 212 military version of a similar manual, down-
loadable from, has block diagrams, component
layouts, exploded views and schematics. About the same coverage as
a Tek Service Manual.

Jimmy Joe
[Here is some more-detailed information about searching for military

But also note that if you go to that mil download site and do a
search in the "TM Number" field, for 11-6625-3241, which is the TM
(technical manual) number listed in the eBay description, minus the "-
12" suffix, you'll see *three* 2430 manuals with the same prefix,
with suffixes of "-12", "-40", and "-24P". (NOTE that a trailing
search-wildcard is automatically implied, in the logsa mil website's
search fields.)

Most likely, the "-40" manual is the full service manual (but
possibly not including the parts lists), while the "-12" one may be
mostly just an operator's manual. All of the manuals that end
with "P" are just parts-list manuals (except for those with "&P").
But the parts list manuals sometimes also include board and component
layout diagrams and exploded views.

Note that manuals with TM numbers that end with "&P" are usually full
service manuals that also include the parts lists. Manuals with
titles that include "depot" and "general" support or maintenance are
usually full service manuals. Their titles usually ALSO
include "Operator's" and/or "Organizational", and "Support"
and/or "Maintenance". But, if a title includes ONLY "Operator's"
and/or "Organizational" and NOT "Depot" and/or "General", even though
it says "Support" and/or "Maintenance", it's probably basically just
an operator's manual.

Meanwhile, noticing, on the LOGSA site's search-results page (from
above), that placing my mouse pointer on any of the three manual
links (or right-clicking on them and selecting Properties) shows a
URL/address that does NOT have an "A" after the string "etms" in, for
example, (notice that it
has "D" instead of "A"), I then realized that none of the three 2430A
manuals are available to the general public. *** Only manuals with
an "A" in that position in their URLs are available for public
download. ***

Also, noticing, on the search results page, that the descriptions
refer to the scope by its military model designation of "OS-291/G", I
performed a new search, using the "TM Title Text" field, with "OS-
291". The search-results page then also shows a *fourth* 2430A
manual: "070750 TB 9-6625-2251-35 CALIBRATION PROCEDURE FOR
OSCILLOSCOPE OS-291/G." This is a TB (Technical Bulletin). And this
one DOES have an "A" in its URL. So it's publicly downloadable. It is
only the calibration procedure. But it does at least diagram the
adjustment locations and the cal jumper's location.

One could also look for the corresponding NSN (National Stock Number)
for the 2430A, either in the descriptions on the search-results page,
or inside one of the manuals (er, not in this case, though), or, use
the Federal Logistics Database (I bought it, on disks. Don't know if
it's available on line.) In the case of this 2430A variant, the NSN
is 6625-01-258-0022. Eliminating the prefix, "6625-", gives the NIIN
(National Item identification Number) (Note that the "6625" is also
the FSC (Federal Supply Class) code for electronic test and
measurement equipment.). One can then perform another search for
2430A manuals, using the "NIIN Search" field, entering the NIIN
without the dashes, as in 012580022. (I did. Only the same four
manuals are found, in this case.)

From the Federal Logistics 2002 database, I see that there are eight
distinct NSNs for the Tektronix 2430A, each for variations of
options, etc. One could do a search for each of their derived NIINs,
in case there are other 2430A manuals that don't include the
strings "2430A" or "OS-291" in their descriptions and that have a
different TM number "root". (I did. There are none found for any of
the other seven NIINs.)

Also, if you do manage to find (and download) at least one manual for
any piece of equipment, you can usually look in the "References"
section of the manual and find a list of any other available TM
numbers for the unit, except that the calibration manuals (TBs)
often/usually do not include that information, unless it's in the
text at the very beginning of the manual.

Also, inside the service manuals, there are often lists of the test
equipment required for service or calibration, which often include
either NSN or military model designation information that can help in
locating a manual for THAT equipment.

Another fairly-useful military site, with a searchable database of
information about apparently ALL military equipment manuals, both
printed and pdf, and both obsolete and current (but NOT the actual
manuals, themselves), is at . That site took
me quite a lot of time and effort to find. (Be warned that I have
heard that it may not work for Netscape users.) Pulling down the drop-
down list for the "Search Field" box and selecting "Title" from the
list and then entering "2430A" in the "Search For" box and
clicking "Submit" brings up another window that shows, eventually,
just the "-40" manual that we first found, above, at the LOGSA site.
Clicking on its TM number brings up a description, which also notes
that it has a "distribution restriction - limited to government
agencies only". It also notes that it is available in electronic form
at the LOGSA website. Doing a second search, for "OS-291", brings up
a list of the same four manuals that were found on the LOGSA site,
and no others. One could also search using the NSN or NIIN (but
*with* dashes, on this website).

I hope that this information is helpful.


Tom Gootee,, , Jasper,
Indiana, USA

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