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Chuanxiao Li \(Pholink\)

I think the military version (TM 09045B-40/2) is different from Tek service manual 070-6330-00. Attached is "table of contents" of military version. One can not download from if you is not contractor of DOD.
j5w23 sold 3 military version service manuals on eBay. The price are:
eBay item number 2533784289 for $51.00 + S/H
eBay item number 2535456274 for $33.56 + S/H
eBay item number 2537390086 for $9.99 + S/H

I think the military version is only maintenance manual???

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You might ask the eBay guy selling this military version of the
2430A about his 'Operators and Maintenance Manual', with an opening
bid of $10. The Tek 212 military version of a similar manual, down-
loadable from, has block diagrams, component
layouts, exploded views and schematics. About the same coverage as
a Tek Service Manual.

Jimmy Joe

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