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Don Black <jeans@...>

If you mean the LOGSA site, there's a variety of information, some classified,
some not. You need a password to download the operating manual for a Patriot
Missile for instance but much of it if free to download.
I guess the Tektronix 2430A and 2465B hasn't been released yet, perhaps they're
concerned about copyright or something. They seem to be the only two Tektronix
that's barred at LOGSA.
The 2665B service manual and 3430 user manuals are available from
<> to download.
Don Black.

JJ wrote:

Ed Fallon writes:

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That military site looks interesting for downloading manuals but
whats up with the "authorized access only" warning screen? I didn't
go any further once I saw that.

It's beyond my ken why a anyone would place such an ominous warning
about 'Authorized Access Only' and then put downloadable information
on a server that is accessible to all the world with a 'net connection.

Jimmy Joe

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