I need a manual for a 545B...


Hello out there--

I just acquired a beautiful 545B with a bunch of plugins, including,
happily, the calibrator, and a passle of tubes. It was 'working'
when I acquired it through a third party (for the princely sum of
$10, so I'm hardly complaining..), but when I fired it up found no

Does anyone have a manual that they can tell me how big a tome I'm
looking at copying? Cost permitting, I'll pay the possessor of said
manual to reproduce it at some print shop and post it to me. At the
moment, even a scan off the appropriate section of the scats would be
wonderful, as something to start from.

Any help is appreciated...

Oh, and does anyone out there have a spare power supply for a 2246
that they're willing to part with, or know where I might find one?



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