Re: Pleased to meet you all, Tek 3001GPX in need of some care

Alexandre Souza

I found *another* floppy disk image, which appears to be version 1.0 of
the application floppy --
the current one is version 1.3. I have no idea what the difference is
between versions, but
maybe this release works better on older hardware?
Surpisingly, it worked! :oO

I�m so sorry I hadn�t the time to document it. I spend the weekends on my girlfriend�s house and I was late to take the bus. But I got it to work, flawlessly. Now I need to find if there is something I can do around that. I believe the GPX module also has ROMs, and maybe they need to be updated. Mind taking a look and dumping that, Scott?

This week I�ll write a very detailed page with all of that. I believe the solution of this problem must be preserved.

Now if I could find in ebay a set of P6490 Pods... :(

Thanks you all
Alexandre (via VNC)

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