Re: Fans & special tubes

Michael <mdd@...>

Sometime on Sun, 01 Oct 2000, you wrote:

I already wrote one book about Tek scopes: "OSCILLOSCOPES--Selecting and
Restoring a Classic". There is more about this on the web page at
<>. My first book, published in 1992, covered Tek scopes
and plugins from 1947 (the beginning) to the end of 1969. The second volume
(under construction for several years now) will cover the scopes and plugins
introduced by Tek in the decade of the 70's. I still have a couple of hundred
copies of the first book if you find it interesting after you read the review of
it on the web page.
That's one book I will be ordering, when I can afford it. (and when the $A/$US
exchange rate is a little more favourable...)


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