Re: Fans & special tubes

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

HI Michael,

I already wrote one book about Tek scopes: "OSCILLOSCOPES--Selecting and
Restoring a Classic". There is more about this on the web page at
<>. My first book, published in 1992, covered Tek scopes
and plugins from 1947 (the beginning) to the end of 1969. The second volume
(under construction for several years now) will cover the scopes and plugins
introduced by Tek in the decade of the 70's. I still have a couple of hundred
copies of the first book if you find it interesting after you read the review of
it on the web page.

Tube with part numbers beginning with "157-" are checked for various parameters.
Some are matched for gm. Some are checked for grid current or microphonics.
There are other parameters they are checked for as well. And, yes, I almost hate
to say it, I know what those parameters are. The reason I hate to say it is that
if it were generally known that I know this stuff, I would be buried under
requests for the info . . . I just don't have the time to handle the requests.
The plan was to publish a database with checked tube part numbers and the
parameters they are checked for but so far, there just has not been time to do
it. Believe it or not, there are a couple of other even more important databases
to publish if we have time for them, like a cross reference from "152-" (diode)
part numbers to generic (1N) diode numbers. There are also checked transistors
and diodes ("153-") part numbers and we could do a database on those too. There
is literally TONS of good data to be published. I could very easily spend the
rest of my life doing this . . . and that is not really a bad idea as I am sure
there are a lot of guys and gals out there who would appreciate and use the data.

So . . . if you need some specific data about one particular "157" part number, I
might find the time to look it up for you . . . let me know.


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