Oil Filled Capacitors

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Hi All:
I been copying the mail and noted all the questions reguarding oil
filled capacitors, Transformers, and the like, Tek manufactured a lot
of their own parts. I been fortunate to have picked up the intermal
tek materials manual vol.3 1987 it's a very elaborate catalog listing
just about every material tektronix used in the manufacturing of
their test equipment. I thought I would list some of their lubricants
used for variouse purposes. I can't find any cross reference to what
materials were used for specific parts, But it does list very
specific charastics of just about every material used.

Beacon 325 grease..... used for switches
Dow corning 200..... silicone dielectric fluid
Dow corning 5 ......." "
Mobile oil type 45 Used for transformers
Lubriplate 14285 multipurpose lubricant
Lubriplate A type 105 " "
Thermalloy..... 251, and 249 Silicone grease for heatsinks
Ibm 23 grease............... general purpose.

Thease are just a few of the litings.
To clean cam switch contacts I'm told isoproply alcohol Wet heavy
card stock and carefully slide underneath the contacts untill clean
is the only recomended method as anything harsher may damage the

hope this is helpful!

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