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At least one of the caps in that auction is a Tek timing capacitor and I am
not sure Tek ever used oil in those or not. I never took one apart.

I have sometimes referred to "Black Beauty" caps as oil caps since the
actually have oil in them. Technically they may be "dry paper, treated with
oil" but there is so much oil in them that it often leaks out by the wire
seals and gets all over the outside of the cap and sometimes drips onto the
instrument chassis. It is hard for me to think of that as a "dry" cap . . .


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In several instances of discussion on this forum paper caps were called
caps'. In last case that I remember, Don wrote back and pointed out that
those caps were actually paper, treated with oil but dry paper caps. There
is an auction on e bay for several oil caps with pretty good picture of
them; address is:

As picture shows, oil caps are enclosed in steel case, to contain oil, and
usual purpose of those caps is phase correction (or motor start), where
considerable current is drawn through the cap.


Miroslav Pokorni

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