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Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hi Michael,

I may be all wet here but I think your server has to know about the URL you wish to
go to or it won't let you go there. Maybe your server just does not recognize the
web address you are trying to reach. As I understand it, when a new URL comes on
board, the owner has to let the world (internet) know about it so the various
servers of the world can recongnize and find it. The servers are constantly
updating their database of valid URL's and maybe the one you are looking for never
got into your server's database. If not, your server could not find it, but
others still could . . .

But I may be completely off base on this one. It makes sense to me . . .


Michael Dunn wrote:

Hiya. :)

Sometime on Fri, 29 Sep 2000, you wrote:

The link works precisely as typed....
Can't do more for you than that, I'm afraid....
Hmmm... vewwy stwange... might be my end, but I can't imagine why. I was able
to get into the uni server the "front" way, but when I clicked on *some* links,
I got the same message while attempting redirection to ancillary servers.

My guess is the university webmaster doesn't like Aussies...

(I used to be a university webmaster, and I know it's quite feasible to deny
service selectively this way, but I can't imagine why.)

Oh well...



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