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I have been thinking of starting a Group on the Tektronix/Rohdes & Schwarz CMD80 Modifications and some other uses from other owners of CMD80 units that have been bought in the past, any suggestions would be appreciated in regards to starting a Group for these great CMD80's.
Sal C. Cornacchia
Electronic RF Microwave Engineer (Ret.)

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Subject: Re: [TekScopes] also looking for CMD80 docs....

Can so someone elaborate on the Tektronix "link" in this opera?

As a few of you already know Artekmedia has been reluctant to invest in
scanning the service manuals because R&S won't return my email on the
subject. IF however Tektronix owns the intellectual property on this
then it is a forgone issue since Tektronix has already given the
releases to copy "their" manuals.


Dave & Lynn Henderson
Out-of-Print Technical Manuals
www.ArtekMedia. com
manuals@artekmedia. com

I have tried every ware for the past month or so without any luck,if You come across anything let me know, I will do the same.

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Subject: [TekScopes] also looking for CMD80 docs....

I couldn't help it, it looked so sad there on ebay, nobody wanted it, and it seemed to be at least semi-functional. my hope is that I can get it work on 1420/1421MHz to do some radio astronomy receiver development, so any docs available would be hugely appreciated by me, nothing at R&S, nothing at Tek, yet I am sure these (or at least the op manual) have existed as PDFs at some point, probably when Tek was selling them for R&S.

all the best,
sphere research corp.

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