Chris van Lint

Can someone help with a pdf circuit for the above. I have one original TEK hardcopy and a BAMA downloaded version dated August 1971 and October 1981 respectively. Neither manual gives any indication as to which serial numbers apply to it. It would appear that my particular unit is a later model. In the two manuals I have, the front panel shows an "ENHANCE and INTEGRATE" function, which is NOT available on my unit. In my TEK 1982 Catalog the version shown has this "ENHANCE and INTEGRATE" feature. In the 1990 catalog on the other hand this function is no longer shown. My problem is that something has gone wrong with the storage side of my scope. In strict adherence with Murphy's law, the circuits in the manuals I have are significantly different for the storage function. The manuals show certain parts (transistors as well as resistors), which I simply do not have in my unit and I am kinda stuck trying to figure out what is causing my storage problem. If anyone has an updated storage circuit diagram, can point me to one or has experience fixing them please respond.



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