Re: Valuable 12AX7 and all this audio foo foo.


Right on. Same for the Japanese paying mega bucks for the old Western Electric theatre amps. Audio is rife with "the emperor's new clothes" syndrome, and the brain plays a lot of tricks on us.

Chris wrote:

"The ear is a funny thing" very true but we do not hear with our ears we hear with our brains and are therefore subject to all the follies of the mind IE we tell ourselves what we want believe and we end up believing it, and I am not talking about Audio.

To me the question has always been that it may sound different but is it necessarily better? �Audio is very subjective and having worked in the audio industry in the 60's and 70's (SAE, JBL, Altec) and I can tell you that most of it is hype and the rest is peer pressure. I for one am not a fan of asymmetrical distortion and I find tubes to be "fuzzy" sounding you may call it warm if you wish.

That said and done a couple of years ago I off loaded a Mac 275 for $7500 that I had paid $395 for in 1969. . . �anit tubes great! �


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