Using Tektronix TR-502 Tracking Generators with 490-Series Spectrum Analyzers


Conversion of TR-502 Tracking Generator to the TR-503 R.F.Configuration

For the information of anyone interested, I finally managed to get my
Tek TR-502 Tracking Generator working properly with a Tek 492 spectrum
analyzer. It turned out all that was required was to change the 52.5
MHz crystal to an equivalent 55 MHz unit and to retune the 4-cavity,
2nd local oscillator filter from 2200 MHz to center on 2182 MHz. This
filter has a square pass-band, steep sides, and it is only about 15 MHz
wide. Thus, it is understandable why the tracking generator will
probably not lock to the 2nd local oscillator signal without retuning
this filter.

Fortunately, Tektronix provides a sweep tuning procedure in the manual,
that uses the associated spectrum analyzer as both the sweep source and
display. I obtained good results without having to alter the mixer

Bruce, KG6OJI

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