Re: Software package TEKTRONIX PROFILE PDR 100 or PDR 200 SOFTWARE

Richard L. Hess <lists@...>

At 08:15 AM 2/21/2003 +0000, Denis Cobley wrote:

The product is now part of Grass Valley Group a Tek spinoff.
Just to clarify:

The Grass Valley Group existed as an independent company for many years. I was first exposed to their products--and visited their factory--in 1974. The company, I believe, was originally founded by Doc Herr. I don't have an exact founding date.

GVG was purchased many years later by Tektronix. I would guess in the mid-late 1980s.

Tektronix, as I understand it, sold it back to the employees in the very late 1990s.

It has now for the past two or so years, been part of the Thomson group.

At least this is how I understand it.

While I'm a real fan of Tektronix, I'm afraid crediting them with founding GVG is not possible. In fact, I'm not even sure that their ownership was really good for GVG, long term.

The Profile, itself WAS a Tektronix product IIRC, and it was sold with the GVG line where it fit. GVG makes video switchers (both production and routing) and terminal gear (converters, distribution amplifiers, etc.) as well as the Profile. They also provide some editing software.



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