tek 1501, 1502 and 1503 TDR's

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hello all,

i picked up a set of manuals on ebay recently that pertained to the 1503 and 1501, which i kind of expected to be like the 1502.

turns out that the 1501 is one of a few instruments tek made that used a separate X-Y scope as a display device, and it is like the 1401 spectrum analyzer in that regard. it is sized approximately for the 323 scope and even has an accessory that bolts the two together as a battery powered portable TDR system. i guess it went out of fashion in the 1970's, and i am betting that it did not sell in large quantities.

just wondering if anyone in the group knows the box, and has ever seen one for sale anywhere. it is totally cool. has step and half-sine pulses and multiple output impedances. neat thing is that it would be useful with a modern digitizing scope for documentation, too. and even though none of the old tek TDRs used hybrids, this thing is completely capable for being user maintained.

anyway, as i said...wondering about general availability and/or value of such an item... any reports of sightings of one would be greatly appreciated.

forrest macgregor

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