Re: subminiture light bulbs

Miroslav Pokorni

The empirical data for tungsten light bulbs show that life is extended by a
number equal to 12th power of rated to applied voltage ratio, what in case
of 12 V rated lamp run at 5 V would be around 36 000 times. Considering that
flash light bulbs are run for high light output and a life of just few
hours, the ratio is smaller than 36 000, but still quite large.


Miroslav Pokorni

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radio shack might still sell some wire lead bulbs that
might work.
Using a 12vlt bulb running at 5 vlts should last a long time
"most consumer electronics bulbs arent rated for 50000 hours
life running a 12 vlt radioshack special at 5 vlts will
probably increase its life 10 fold

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