Re: Need Transistor for 465M

Miroslav Pokorni

I will start you on that, Craig, though. But do not feel bad, the issue is
equally confusing to Motorola employees, too. Some years ago, right around
time when that 'shrewd' business move of spin-offs was perpetrated by
everyone and his dog in electronic industry, I was at a seminar with few
people from Motorola. I was searching for a PLL part and a lady from the
group worked for Frequency Control department. She could not tell whether a
particular part was handed over to ON or retained by Motorola. We ended up
by having the lady check and call me when she got back to her office.

There were similar things with Infinion, but did not impact me too much,
because DRAM was the only Siemens' product that I was involved with. And,
similarly, employees were in dark at Siemens, too. I was seating on JEDEC's
DRAM committee and talked with Siemens' guy. He did not have any idea which
part of former Siemens semiconductor division was transferred to the
Inifinion and which one was sold out or shut down.


Miroslav Pokorni

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The generic name for a 151-0426-02 is D44H11
Current part from ONSemi (56c each) (Motorola as was, before confusing
change. Don't start me on that beef!)


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