Re: Tek 465 repair hints, svc manual? (fix story)


50 volt disc. Where did my signal go? Took the cap out and measures 4
ohms. No stress there but the cap failed. So it dont suprise me
The interesting thing is that this cap wasn't really "shorted". Part of what threw me off for a while during this whole process is that the 110V supply is really low-current compared to what I'm used to, so a tens of milliamps count.

As for ceramics, a physical crack opens all sorts of ways to build up a
short, primarily through whisker growth (metal used for plates is the
culprit). And again, if there is not enough energy in circuit to clear
Fascinating, the bit about whisker-growth.

Personally, I have never had a good visual show. Had some stinkers
The 465's cap didn't have enough to be noticeable. However, I have seen some really exciting things -- like balls of white fire from exploding IGBT's powered by a few amps at 300 VDC. Never anything really exciting from a capacitor, however, most of the unfortunate electrolytic experiences were much more sedate than usually described.

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