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Miroslav Pokorni

From what I remember reading about those 'aged and selected' bulbs that
Tektronix used, they were selected for light output. I do not think that
those long life (50 000 hours) light bulbs are risk, even used, as far as
their life is concerned, because they are grossly underrated. There is
probably a risk of damaging a bulb in the process of removal, since lot of
them are with wire leads, instead of sockets.


Miroslav Pokorni

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Hi Jay,

I don't happen to have any bulbs for the "A" and "B" positions of the 7904
mainframe horizontal mode switch.

I did come up with the following info in my search, however:

Horizontal mode switch = 670-1639-00

A and B bulbs = 150-0057-01
These are 7153AS15 "selected". The manual for 7904's above s/n B26 gives
a generic number of 17AS15 for these bulbs. Both numbers are rated at 5
Volts and 115 mA.

These bulbs are aged and "selected" but there was no explanation of what
they are selected for. My guess is that they are matched for light output.

The manufacturer is:

Oshino Electric Lamp Works, Ltd.
52 Minami Shinagawa 2 Chore
Shinagawa ku,
Tokyo, Japan

I would do a Google search on the manufacturer to see if there is a dealer
in the U.S. who will sell small quantities of these. They were used in a
LOT of Tek instruments and your best bet may be to pull some out of a
salvaged instrument. I know it is not the best idea to use used
incandescent bulbs, but these are specified to have a life of 50,000 hours
and I suspect the ones in the "A Dlyd" and "B Int" positions do not have
many hours on them . . .

If you find a good source for these, let us all know . . .


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From: Jay Mandel
Sent: Monday, January 27, 2003 10:06 AM

Hi. Do you have "grain of wheat" bulbs for 7904 Mainframe "A" & "B"

If so, what would shipping be to 10023?

If not, any idea of a source?


Jay Mandel

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