Re: CRT question

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

My guess is, just like analog meters, linearity between 1/3 and
2/3 is best.
The numbers are probably more generous for CRT, but there is something
I think that there is a bandwidth issue too. The 545A is the same vintage
as the 575 curve tracer. The 545A has a 10ns rise time for the mainframe
(35MHz) and has 4cm deflection. The 575 has 8cm. Now the CRT for the 575
also went in the 525 TV waveform processing 'scope, with a maximum bandwidth
of 5MHz.

So I suspect that in the 50's, there was a problem is getting high
deflection and bandwidth. It was also probably limited by the available
drive from wide band deflection amps at the time (the famous Tek distributed


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