Inendiary discs, was Tek 465 repair hints, svc manual? (fix story)

Craig Sawyers <c.sawyers@...>

Like a 3 volt p-p signal riding on 6 volts of DC
with a .01
50 volt disc. Where did my signal go? Took the cap out and measures 4
ohms. No stress there but the cap failed. So it dont suprise me either,
but its not the first thing I go looking for either.
One evening, listening to the Television sound through a stereo amp (50W)
and speakers the amp died - smoke and flames. Took the lid off, and all
that had happened was a 0.1uF disc ceramic decoupler had gone short and
crowbarred the power supply. There was enough energy in the smoothing caps
to incinerate it after the fuse had blown (around 20J).


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