Looking for probes

Tracy Nelson <tnelson158@attbi.com> <tnelson158@...>

I've got a couple of 310As and a 647. I'm trying to teach myself
something about electronics. Problem is, I've got a motley collection
of random probes, and I don't think any of them are impedence-matched
for my scopes. Two are so old and worn there isn't any manufacturers
information on them, and one says "RCA WG-400A". I'm not getting what
I think are proper readings from it, though, so I don't think it's one
I can use.

Is there a source for probes for instruments this old, and if so what
kind should I be looking for? Right now all I need is a
general-purpose probe, and maybe one for high-voltage work (one of my
310As isn't working on AC, so I thought I'd try to fix it once I know

-- Tracy Nelson

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