Re: 485 Repair Question

Jose V. Gavila <eb5agv@...>

Hi Dick,

I picked up a nice clean Tek 485 at Marlboro Saturday. I know it has
problems and thought it would make a good winter project (between
shoveling snow !).
Mine was also got as a winter project and ended as a nice working unit :-)!

First though, what is the procedure for removing the case ?
I am trying to locate a Service Manual, but want to look inside
without breaking anything in the process.
Remove the four screws inside the back plastic supports. I think there is
another screw on the bottom of the scope. Then slide carefully the green
cover and get the unit out of its case.

I have the service manual for it in case you need any detailed information.
As you probably know, usual troubles include the switching supply which is
not easy to work on (but not impossible :-)! )

Good luck!


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