Nelson-Ross PSA011 Spectrum Analyzer Plugin for 53x/54x/55x Series

Jim Reese

Hello Group Members,

I have a Nelson-Ross model PSA011 audio spectrum analyzer plugin
available. The center frequency range is from 0-20 KHz and
dispersion is from 100Hz to 6 KHz. It is in excellent condition and
worked the last time it was checked several years ago. It fits the
53x/54x/55x series Tek scope mainframes. I have only seen the one of
this model and it was never listed in any old Tucker catalogs with
the other Nelson-Ross units. Before I put it on Ebay, I figure I will
offer it to group members as-is for $25 plus shipping to the first
one that wants it.

Let me know if you need any letter, 1, 2, or 3 series plugins. I am
going to start clearing out my over-stocked collection cheap ($10-$25
each as-is but complete).



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