Re: TEK2230 with GPIB & RS232 port card, need software or X-Y plot

John Miles <jmiles@...>

I don't know about software for RS232, but for GPIB, you want to go to eBay
and buy a National Instruments GPIB card (e.g.,,,, too many
others to list here) and cable

All of the drivers and software for any NI GPIB hardware can be downloaded
from their site at Don't even think about using any
other vendor for GPIB hardware.

Hook up all the hardware, verify that the NI Explorer (or similar app) can
communicate with your scope, and then go to my site at and download the "Open-Source GPIB Library for
Win32." Try these commands from a DOS prompt:

2430grab (your scope's address) > c:&#92;test.plt
7470 c:&#92;test.plt

The above will let you capture and print screenshots from a Tek 2430 or
2430A, but I've never tried it on a 2230. Let me know what happens -- if it
doesn't work, then we can send out an appeal to anyone who has a 2230 GPIB
reference to tell us what the equivalent commands are to capture the screen.
(The command is "print" on the 2430, but it might be "plot" or something
else on the 2230.)

If it doesn't work at first, make sure the scope is set to HP 7470A plotter
mode. On the 2430A, the line in 2430grab.cpp that sends "device type:hpgl"
takes care of this, but there's no guarantee that the 2230 will understand

-- jm

I have used the 2230 with a HP 7470A plotter. this comes in two
versions. I used the HPIB version.

Set the HPIB address of the plotter to 31 *BEFORE* turning it on.

The scope is configured through the on screen menus.

Check the on screen menus for other printers.

Good luck.


Hi all,

I recently got a tek2230 scope with GPIB/ RS-232 card installed, but
i don't know how to connect it to my computer, can anyone advise me
what GPIB card/ software or X-Y plotter should be use?

Best Regards,

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