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I recently bought a 067-0587-00 Calibration Fixture on Ebay, but am
having no success getting a manual. I can find manuals for the -01
and -02 faster units, but not the 200MHz -00.

Does anyone have an idea whether their is much similarity between
the -00 and -01, and does anyone have some idea where I might find
a -
00 manual?


John Stanton
Here are the major specs of the different versions of 067-0587-xx.

Tr: 750 ps
B/W: 200 MHz
Step Accu: 0.25%
Rep rate: 25 - 250k

Tr: 300 ps
B/W: 500 MHz
Step Accu: 0.3 %
Rep rate: 100 - 1 MHz

Tr: 150 ps
B/W: 1 GHz
Step Accu: 0.3% / 6 divs, 0.5% / 8 divs
Rep rate: 10 - 1 MHz

-01 and -02/10 have an internal leveling circuit for B/W check so the
signal generator doesn't have to leveled, within certain limits off
course. The -00 doesn't have that, just a flat response to 200 MHz. -
10 is a modified -02 with an internal switch controling the PRE TRIG
OUT so you can choose between one trigger for each staircase step or
one trigger for each frame of starcase.

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