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Hi Everyone,
My 7504 has broken sockets for the plugins on the main
interface board part# 670-0621-00. I may be able to get a good
interface board for a 7904 part# 670-1627-00. Can anyone tell me if
the 7904 board will fit and work in the 7504 or if not, are the
plugin sockets the same and can be changed over.
I think the part numbers are correct; I have the 7504 manual but
the 7904 so I'd appreciate verification.
Thanks, Don Black.
No the ifc board will not fit. What exactly do you mean by broken
sockets. A common fault on the connectors was that the plastic
covers, 2 on each connector, cracked at the edges and came loose
allowing the golden contacts to come out of the connector. If this is
your problem you can use the covers from the 7904 connectors if they
are OK. They just snaps on.

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