Adapting Tek TR502 Tracking Generator for use with Tek 492 Spectrum Analyzer


I am interested in converting or adapting a Tektronix TR 502 tracking
generator to the TR 503 configuration to work with Tektronix 490 or
later series spectrum analyzer. In comparing the manuals, it appears
the major modules, other than the 52.5/55 MHz oscillator boards, are
the same. The TR 502 motherboard includes the additional logic
required to link 7L12/7L13/7L14 analyzers to a counter for frequency
measurements, and the TR502 includes a related Dot Intensity control;
but it appears these features could be ignored when used with 490
series analyzers. Other than that, the only difference I could find
between the units was the 52.5 MHz rather than 55 MHz crystal
oscillator. The oscillator circuit and components appear exactly
the same. It might be that the only change required would be to
replace the 52.5 MHz crystal with a similar 55 MHz unit. However,
it would be nice if it were possible to add a 55 MHz crystal,
perhaps a second frequency adjust trimmer, and relay or switch to
allow the tracking generator to operate with either series
analyzers. Has anyone on the list investigated or accomplished

Bruce, KG6OJI

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