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G'day... :)

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At 8:57 PM +1100 2000/9/28, Michael Dunn wrote:
Ah, I remember repacking many, many fan motors.... <g>
Tell us more please! The fans on our 549s don't work too well -
they start out seized, and as the scope warms up, they start to spin,
eventually reaching a decent speed...
Hmmm... Well, now you're asking! :) It's 25 years since I did one, but It was
simply a matter of removing the fan motor and disassembling it, then cleaning
with Freon TF (not available now, but many substitutes out there) and
reassembling; adding new fibre washers as necessary. I was always amazed that
this had such a dramatic effect.

But it *was* one of those tedious, messy jobs nobody likes much.....

BTW, Chris commented about the muffin fans not being the quietest thing. I
added a 12VDC one to a computer (this computer) and the noise drove me crazy.
So I ran it from the 5V supply, and it's almost inaudible, though it still
pushes the air around. No doubt a noise vs efficiency compromise could be
found in the scope situation. :)

And ditto his comments about engineering. :) My guess is, that's why we're
all here...



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