465 Sweep Switch Repair



I recently joined this group, so I am not familar with past threads.
I searched under "465, sweep, switch, repair" and found no results.

I understand that the shaft coming loose from the rear drum of the
465 sweep switch is a fairly common problem with this oscilloscope.
I have had some recent "reinventing the wheel" experience and made
some mistakes. I eventually managed to repair mine by machining an
aluminum hub that pressed on to the rear drum shaft. Ironicaly, I
also found a repair kit on eBay that replaces the entire drum
assembly, but omits the mechanical interlock assembly behind the rear
drum, and thus allows the sweep switches to be placed in "illegal"

In attempting to devise a method for repair, at first I was not sure
how the drum coupling mechanism was supposed to work. Surprisingly,
I could find no mention of its mechanical details or adjustment
anywhere in the manual. The only clue was in the parts list that
showed a shaft and rear drum replacement part, but no details of what
was in the drum.

Have others encountered this problem with the 465?


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