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I second that, send my appreciations too -- for the many little or large (and exact) answers from Hakan, over the years.

Even if one possesses such a terrific fund of arcane information -- it takes time to run down the most pertinent. (Especially if, as I suppose -- that means wading through microfiche or ancient hard-copy.) Many of these replies are sent to my Save file.

Thanks, Hakan - -

(May a copy of all your files! ... someday go into the time capsule for 2200 CE: containing an operating, say 547A? and a few other favs. A 335, 485, ___? too. We'd each have such a list, I wot..)


(Who hopes too, that this entire Archive is eventually CD'd or DVD'd.. against the event that Yahoo might ever ,ummm "seek to achieve New Levels of Business Efficiency?" / by freeing storage space of most old stuff, along with the sentient managers thereof. Y'know?) Obviously this group cares more about retention of the early history of Tek; how these things were engineered and their maintenance details, than (...) wrote:

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I wonder if this crt is used in any other model.

The original 2230 CRT was 154-0861-00 and was also used in:
2213A, 2215A, 2220, 2221, 2224, 2235, 2235L and 2236. A direct
replacement for this CRT was 154-0861-10 wich beside the above was also used in 2212, 2221A, 2232, 2235A and 2236A. It was supported
through 2001 and the US domestic price was $810 in 1997.
Thank you very, very much for this information.
I greatly increases my chances of find a replacemnet tube

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