Channel A or B output for 2245A

Didier Juges <didier@...>

I have read somewhere (may have been in this list, but a search showed nothing) that the 2245A and others in this series had an option for a Channel 1 or Channel 2 output on the rear panel, like the 2445 and the 465 before it. My 2245A does not have that option, it seems rare.

I am very interested in having it as it would allow me to retire my trusty 2445 scope in favor of the easier to maintain 2245A. However, the manual I just got from QService (nice manual by the way) has nothing about that option.

If anyone has information about it, particularly if it is something that can be retrofitted, I'll be extremely interested to hear about it.

Thank you in advance.

Didier KO4BB

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