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At 01:11 AM 5/31/2001 +0000, wrote:
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Finding a non-blank plug-in for a 555 is tough enough,
The 555 will take quite a wide range of vertical plugins including the
53/54 series, the letter series and the 1- series. With some of them
(such as the 1A4) you have to be careful that the timebase plugins
have been appropriately modified to remove DC bias from one of the
pins which could otherwise damage the plugin (I have details if anyone
needs them).

Sorry Morris. It was the 21A/22A timebase plug-ins I was referring to in my comment, rather than the vertical plug-ins.

Timebase plugins however are not so easy to find - in fact if anyone
has a spare 21A/22A combo for disposal I would be happy to give them a
good home here in Melbourne Australia :-)
I *might* be coming into some of these shortly. If I do I'll let you know.



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