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Hello all!

First post here for me, but I've been lurking for a little while.

I'm the proud owner of a later model 535A, complete with CA plugin, all
manuals, probes, and the scopemobile. After getting it home, pulling off all
the covers, and getting 40 years of tobacco tar residue off of it (thank
goodness for the smoke-free workplace of today), it looks almost brand new.

Firing it up had it working well, but I did track down a bad pass tube in the
power supply, causing a low voltage on one of the supplies. After that, it
works perfectly, and has a very strong CRT.

It was used at Eaton here in Milwaukee in it's former life, and did some pulse
testing, so it has a camera mount in place of the normal round bezel. It also
had the fan replaced with a 5" muffin style unit some years ago, no doubt a
common conversion in the later years as the originals went south. It really
blows some air, but isn't the quietest thing going.

I use the scope for my audio hobby and it's a treat to use. The engineering
that went into it boggles my mind. The quality is amazing, and to have it
function perfectly after all these years is a real testament to what can be
done with "obsolete" technology.

I also have a dead 422 solid state scope (power supply) that's in really nice
cosmetic condition, but I just don't have the time to fiddle with it. If
anyone is looking for one for parts, let me know. I'd be interested in
obtaining a proper round bezel for my 535A in trade.

That's about it! It's nice to see these technical marvels preserved. Sure,
they are hot, noisy, and big, but when I flip that big switch, it is soooo
much more satisfying that pushing the little button on my Hitachi 40MHz

Chris Beck

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