Re: 7A16P vs. 7704A

Stan or Patricia Griffiths <w7ni@...>

Hey, its perfectly OK to disagree with me, but in this case, you are also
disagreeing with Tektronix since it is in the Tek microfiche where I read
about the power supply problem. Yes, I suspect Tek probably assumes power
hungry plugins will be used along with the 7A16P. There probably will be no
overload with only two plugins installed in a 4 hole mainframe, for example.

I did not know about the front panel lockout since I have never tried to power
up my 7A16P in a 7K mainframe. Interesting . . .

Stan wrote:

I hate to disagree with Stan, but my experience with 7A16Ps is that if you
install them in a non-programmable mainframe, they power up OK, but the
front panel is locked out. From looking at the schematic, it appears
possible to force them to local mode, but I haven't tried that yet.

I didn't see any way to reduce the +5V loading, but in my experience, that
is not an issue. (Maybe if you put 2 of them in one mainframe along with
some other +5V hungry plugins?)

BTW, the 7A16P is used with the 7612D as well as the 7912s.

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