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Hi Arnoud, :)

Sometime on Thu, 28 Sep 2000, you wrote:

My name is Arnoud van der Wel, and I am situated in Enschede, the
Netherlands. My 'discovery' of old Tek scopes started with a 533A/1A4 that I
bought at a sale of surplus equipment at my university for about $25. Being
too big for most people, apparently, that makes it somewhat 'worthless'?
Unfortunately, these days, "small is beautiful"...

My collection grew steadily, and now I have lots of old scopes... a 515, a
545A and B, a 585, 531, 561, 564 and 564B, and of more recent vintage... a
7514 with a VERY interesting intermittent HT fault :) and a 7904.
Gee, I remember when a 7904 would have been worth a *lot* of money. I guess
that makes me old, huh... :/ Hmmm, what's a 7514?

I used my 533A daily and to my full satisfaction until about a month ago,
when someone gave (!) me a 7904 in working condition with a box of 7k
plugins, which is now the scope on my bench.. At least the 533A has a worthy
successor. :) The best feature of the new scope is actually the fact that it
is so quiet... :)
Ah, I remember repacking many, many fan motors.... <g>

I also made a 'Tek scopes museum' website one rainy afternoon, which can
still be seen at but which hasn't been
updated for (far) more than a year now. A site like that is a lot of fun to
make and lots of people come by with enthousiastic comments, interesting
anecdotes, parts, stories and pictures..
I tried to access it, but my browser returned "unable to locate server". A
pity, as I'd like to have seen it.

Oh, and on the subject of responses to my site.... This morning someone
offered me a 511A by email. I really have no space for it, but we can't let
this be thrown away, can we? He has a email so I take it he is
somewhere in the states...
Lucky devil... *Nobody* gives away Tek scopes around here... >sigh<.

Kind regards,


Michael VK2XMD 0404-478-205
I used to have a handle on life, but it broke ...

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