Re: 7704A Repair and modules. 7B53 in faster frames


Seconded - before I acquired 7B87, later -92As via a package deal: a
7B53 in my 7854 (400 MHz nom) scope worked fine. At fastest sweeps,
with a known ~700 pS risetime pulse - yes, you can see some combo of
delay-line (absent or mismatched?) aberrations on trace start; IIRC
maybe an almost double-pulse clearly "not happening".
Yes, that's what I was talking about... I know it's written up in one of
the manuals or catalogs, but I can't seem to locate it at the moment.
I guess I'm just picky :-) On the other hand, 7B8xs are pretty cheap.

(Still.. it's fun to see the readout say, "500 pSec" on the -92s -
and realize it's even true within 3-5% !!
Most of them will give a solid trigger on a 1GHz signal - a tribute to the
power of tunnel diodes.

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