Hello World...

Arnoud van der Wel <A.P.vanderWel@...>

Hi Everyone,

Well, if we are introducing ourselves, let me have a go...

My name is Arnoud van der Wel, and I am situated in Enschede, the
Netherlands. My 'discovery' of old Tek scopes started with a 533A/1A4 that I
bought at a sale of surplus equipment at my university for about $25. Being
too big for most people, apparently, that makes it somewhat 'worthless'?

My collection grew steadily, and now I have lots of old scopes... a 515, a
545A and B, a 585, 531, 561, 564 and 564B, and of more recent vintage... a
7514 with a VERY interesting intermittent HT fault :) and a 7904.

I used my 533A daily and to my full satisfaction until about a month ago,
when someone gave (!) me a 7904 in working condition with a box of 7k
plugins, which is now the scope on my bench.. At least the 533A has a worthy
successor. :) The best feature of the new scope is actually the fact that it
is so quiet... :)

I also made a 'Tek scopes museum' website one rainy afternoon, which can
still be seen at margo.student.utwente.nl/~wel/tek.htm but which hasn't been
updated for (far) more than a year now. A site like that is a lot of fun to
make and lots of people come by with enthousiastic comments, interesting
anecdotes, parts, stories and pictures..

Not having any time for the website now, and not being likely to in the near
future, I am looking for someone who wants to take what's there and give it
the care and attention (and updates!) it deserves.. If there are any takers
out there who want a good start to their own 'Tek Museum' drop me an email
and we'll talk. You start off with (amongst others) a link from the official
Tek site to your museum, so you'll have no lack of hits. :)

Oh, and on the subject of responses to my site.... This morning someone
offered me a 511A by email. I really have no space for it, but we can't let
this be thrown away, can we? He has a .nasa.gov email so I take it he is
somewhere in the states...

So long,


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