Re: Looking for 465B parts - air filters?


Air filters: don't buy Tek and don't go out of your way to find
filter material. Head down to your local Dollar General, Dollar
Mart, Everything-Under-A-Dollar or whatever the name of the store
that undersells Wallyworld and buy the GENERIC Scotchbrite-like
scrubbing pads and cut them to fit. Get the non-green ones if you
can, for they tend to be even less abrasive than the green ones
the generic green ones don't hold a candle to the real Scotchbrite
for agressiveness). If you're in a really dusty environment, give
the filter material a quick, light shot of Pam (the spray oil for
kitchen use, generic is fine, of course) and wash and respray the
filter monthly.
the front top of the "can".
PN 378-0044-01 FILTER ELEM,AIR:2.5 X 2.5 X 0.25 Air filter
Hello Dean,

I remember the Filter-Kote (milky water-soluble oil?) days for the
metal filters in the 5xx scopes (!) I've been cutting up the
open-cell foam intended for use as filters for air conditioners - for
the 4xx series. It's usually grey and about right thickness to stay
in place. Really cheap too - maybe $1 for a humongous sheet or 2.
After a few washings, just toss and snip out another. (Seen quite a
few 4xx scopes of late - with the filter left out. Maybe they just
didn't know..)

Just a thot.


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