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Dan Kerl <dlkerl@...>

Guys (is Bobbi on here yet?),

I usually lurk in most email groups that I've joined. Note that this
is not fear-based; I usually won't post unless I feel I have something
worthwhile to contribute. I have had communications (via glowbugs/
boatanchors) with certain members of this list for awhile now. I
appreciate their generosity in sharing arcane knowledge and experience
concerning Tek equipment. I hope that nobody takes offense if I only
post occasionally. I always listen, however.

I have the following Tek equipment:

RM545B - my main scope. Needs calibration, which I'll get to when I
have time. The only bad component I've had so far was one of
those damn oil caps got leaky (6AU5 HV osc tank) and smoked
the cathode resistor.
555 - works. I haven't decided what to do with this one, though.
485 - I know it's solid state, but I picked up at a garage sale for cheap.
A 350 MHz scope comes in handy from time to time.
310 - needs a little work. Nice sized scope, good for audio work.

numerous 500-series plugins (some functioal, some not), including a 1M1
that Stefan was kind enough to offer to me (Thanks). No spectrum analyzer,

Wants: 577 curve tracer for cheap.
570 (who doesn't?)

Dan Kerl

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