Re: Ovenized 2901 Time Mark Generator

Kuba Ober <ober.14@...>

On Friday 03 November 2006 13:08, you wrote:
I think that the TG501 and PG506 could really be just one
single plugin. Maybe
the CG's are that way?

Again, thanks for all the input, now if I could only get my
PG506 -- I missed
the end of one auction where it sold for nothing ($60 or so),
then another
one went for $104.
I have a PG506 and TG501, and they are good and compact units.
Compact? They could have fit both of them into the same enclosure, even the
switch and display could be shared between both. That would both save costs
and make them more compact.

I'm also
lucky enough to have an SG503, which is invaluable for checking bandwidths
up to 250MHz.
Now I've got the same -- the PG506 for $100. My TG501 is a little ailing in
that the <10ns ranges don't seem to work. The SG503 works fine, although the
frequency counter seems to loose sensitivity at higher frequencies. It won't
count when amplitude is "low", although it does when the frequency is set to
a lower value.

I haven't yet had time to fix those up (they are otherwise in-spec calibration
wise, quirks accounted for). The PG506 will need work, as it has known
defects, but I'm enjoying this a lot.

I also have a type 106 and type 184, which were the previous generation
instruments to the PG506 and TG501. The build standard of the old
generation units is much higher - the TM5xx series plug ins were very cost
engineered and very difficult to work on by comparison.
Except for overlaid timing pulses, I don't think that there's anything that I
miss on TG501. SG503 also does its job.

Cheers, Kuba

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