Re: Ovenized 2901 Time Mark Generator

Kuba Ober <ober.14@...>

The 2901 wasn't a stop-gap at all, as Craig described it. It has some very
interesting features that the TG501 doesn't have. For instance, the 2901
puts out multiple markers at the same time. Press in as many buttons as you
want and it mixes the markers together and they are easy to distinguish
from each other because they are different heights. This is real handy when
checking a timebase.
Thank you all for your greatly informative replies. I guess I will pass on
that one, as calibration instruments currently only interest me to the extent
that they allow me to get the scopes going. This Tek hobby can be a real time
drain if you don't control yourself :) I'm happy though, as all the Tek gear
I have is in daily use in my work.

I think that the TG501 and PG506 could really be just one single plugin. Maybe
the CG's are that way?

Again, thanks for all the input, now if I could only get my PG506 -- I missed
the end of one auction where it sold for nothing ($60 or so), then another
one went for $104.

Thanks, Kuba

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