Re: Tektronix 2246 HV Transformer Failure

ehsjr <ehsjr@...>

tom jobe wrote:

Hello Ed,
Thanks for the update on your 2236 project, and I'm happy to hear that you
finally got it completely fixed.
Please let me know what that faster diode model number was, and where you
bought it from, if you happen to remember it.
Found it. 497-2442-1-ND from Digikey. And it was Denis who
pointed out that you want a diode that is 35 ns or faster.

I'm still having a great time messing with all of this good Tektronix gear,
and today I went and picked up a 7603 I bought off of Ebay.
This Tektronix stuff is an awful disease, but it is good fun!
tom jobe...
PS Recently I was searching the Internet about something electronic, and I
found a post by you to an electronics forum.
What electronic forums are worth belonging to?

I suppose that is subjective, and the newsgroups I have seen have both
good and bad content. alt.binaries.schematics.electronic,, sci.electronics.components,
and sci.electronics.basics all may have some subject matter of interest to you.

Amen on the Tektronix disease! :-)


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