Hello World

Stefan Graef <stgraef@...>


I've joined this group for keep in touch with other enthusiasts of
old instruments, of course Tektronix too. Why does neary everybody
seems to fear publishing his name and some info about his person
here. Big Brother has better possibilities than looking for some odd
guys collecting T&M "trash".

By the way I've got a east german made "monster scope" (a real
boatanchor with tube count > 100, weight > 60kg and > 600watts pwr)
of appprox. 1968 which uses a very close copy of the Tek 545A crt. I
don't think they ever paid a licence fee (do you remember the Hickock
story?). Maybe I will try one of these "chinese" copy in a 545A
mainframe - just for fun.


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