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Just a little poll of sorts: I'm wondering where we all find
equipment -- at least the stuff we get for real cheap!

I and a friend on this list have found pretty much all our
at "garage sales" held at a local university. We're talking REAL
cheap. C$10-$20 (U$7-14) for anything from a 502A to a 549 or 556!
$5 for a plug-in. Usually in very good condition. How about you?
Hello Michael, and thanks for helping me get past the sign-on glitch.
As you can see, posting now works too [I think - we'll see].

I started accumulating Teks (beyond a couple for use) ~ 3 years ago
pre- eBay for me.. A fireman in LA had an ad in Nuts&Volts.. ended
up sending along an initial 10ish scopes (mostly 453s) and a year
later, more things.

Truck rate and such seems about only way to handle high ship'g cost,
but that means ~ 300ish # to come out reasonably. This may not be
true in '01 (?).

Now I have to read some back posts. I've mainly used Tek scopes
forever - only lately repair / calibrate, but without the tricks that
experience teaches (might tell about the 2430 with no warning about
needing an extra fan - except buried in the Service Manual. Ugh.
All those labels about imploding CRTs but - not one saying "cool it -

Ashton Brown
Sonoma county, No. Calif.

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